• Kathryn Solee


“Even in the familiar, there can be surprise and wonder.”

Tierney Gearon

Today, June 7, as I was working in my home office, the internet decided to go out. No problem, it was time for a break. As I came back from getting the mail, I noticed the plants on the deck were a little droopy needed watering.

When I came out with the watering can, there was a huge bee enjoying the Lantana. The bee was busy sucking the nectar from the flowers, giving me time to snap a couple of pictures.

The three nearby geraniums pots also needed watering. Imagine my surprise when I heard an angry chirp coming from the top container. In parting the geranium leaves, I found a Jenny Wren fledgling still with a little chick down on its head. The little bird had escaped the nest and stepped onto the dirt in the pot. Not quite ready to fly, but ever so hopeful.

By the time I finished watering and returned to my desk project, the internet was on. Once again, you just never know what a day will bring to you.

Later in the day, I came back to take a closer look in the nest. There appear to be four babies. You can tell by counting the yellow beaks.


I’ve been keeping an eye on the little birds. This morning I went out, and they were all tucked snug in their nest.

About 11:30 a.m., as I walked to the kitchen to refill my water glass, I heard a thumping at the front door. I peered out the frosted glass of the front door as best I could and didn’t see anything. But, the thumping continued. Suspicious that it could be the fledglings, I went out of the kitchen door and around to the front of the house. Sure enough, they had left the nest and were hopping on the deck, attempting to fly. The photos don’t do the miracle of watching them learn to fly justice.

The fledgling (in the circle) had just made a short flight about four feet long and a foot off the deck.


This year has been one of transition from retirement at the end of last year to defining my next chapter – how am I going to dance in my own shoes. Watching these fledglings take their first flight reminded me that I, too, am about to take flight.

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