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“You never know which experience will be life-changing, so you must always sit on ready and ‘be open’ to new possibilities."

Germany Kent

You just never know what a day brings to you. You wake up, proceed with your morning routine and assume today will be similar to yesterday and the day before. However, there are those days when the unexpected happens. Sometimes they are life-altering as they bring great joy or immense sorrow.

Often they are little things that may quickly go unnoticed. Once I was in the wrong lane and forced to make a left turn, I hadn’t intended, but as I proceeded down my unintended highway, there was the most beautiful double rainbow with the end, not five or six car lengths ahead of me.

Over the years, I have learned to accept what I thought were wrong turns as opportunities. Perhaps I’ve missed traffic I would have encountered going my intended way. Or, I needed to see something on the alternative route. When traffic isn’t going as fast as I would like, no worries, all is as it should be.

There are times when I have a single mission when I go into a store, only to find myself in a section that wasn’t my intended destination. There, ever so briefly, I encounter a stranger. Sometimes I smile and others I have a short conversation. I no longer question the why of these situations. Instead, I accept I was meant to be there and have this encounter.

I will say this is an attitude of choice. But, having it allows life to flow a little easier.

Moon and Sunset Instead of Fireflies

The Great Smoky Mountains are home to a unique firefly – the synchronous fireflies (photinus carolinus). While the light is on, they don’t flash together. They do, however, flash their lanterns on and off in unison. They put on their show for two weeks at the end of May, early June. They are so popular the Great Smoky Mountains National Park holds an annual lottery for viewing at Elkmont.

There are a few other viewing sites outside the park, and I’m headed to one tonight. The best viewing is at dusk as the sunsets. It’s about a mile hike for the best display, and there are usually plenty of people making their way down the trail or tailgating in the parking area. Tonight there is no one in the parking area, not one car. I hadn’t brought the dogs expecting people. Without people or dogs, it didn’t feel it prudent to venture forth into the woods alone at night. With sadness, I decided to head home via the Blue Ridge Parkway.

As I pulled into the Cradle of Forestry Overlook, a couple was sitting on their downed tailgate, enjoying the first warm evening of spring. Another pair of couples appeared to have finished a picnic. Then, I realized they were also enjoying the almost full moon. And, mother nature was providing the “smoke” of the Smokies. So, I too got my camp chair from the car to enjoy the evening.

Aha Moment

In the peacefulness of the evening, I saw the clouds passing overhead as a metaphor for the changes we are going through. The clouds were moving quickly, obscuring the view of the moon for long moments then releasing it from their cloak the next. The moon represents the truth we seek, the clouds our attention to it. The moon hides when we let down our guard, don’t listen to our inner voice, and allow doubt in our lives. The moon shines when we listen and practice patience, forgiveness, gratitude, and love.

So, you just never know what surprises are in store for you on any given day.

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